Sonntag, 6. April 2014

Tiraspol surrounding and Bender

It was a bit of a heavy morning I had after the short night yesterday but the expectations of the day let the headache pass quickly.
The house cat and the house dog were already active in my room so it was a good start in the morning
We started out with Andrej to the city centre of Triaspol with the big square were the parades take place
The city centre of Tiraspol with the poster rembering the 24th yearr anniversary of the PMR - the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic
Lenin waiting at the pedestrian walkway
Tiraspol has the the river Dnjestr the wine grape and the gear-wheel for industry in its city symbol
On the daily market between the flowering trees
Tank facing to the west from the Second World War 
The memorial for the 804 people died in the war1992 between Transnistria and Moldova 
Flowers in the gun 
In the main park of Tiraspol
The theater were the republic was announced in 1990 and only 102 km to Odessa 
Abbey road in Tiraspol 
Inside the university of Tiraspol - the future is now with the old apple symbol
Juri Gagarin and his alley 
Dom soviet - the city hall with a good looking fellow in front 
This is what the Transnistrian Rubel is worth - only exchangeable in Transnistria
Car ferry across the Dnjestr
Andrey with his car 
Breaking the car ferry with a wooden pole on the other end of the river
Back streets on Transnistria 
Memorial of the second word war when the Russian troups fought the nazi troups in Moldova 
View from the memorial back to monestary New-Neamtz and Tiraspol
Glory pictures at the memorial
Goat traffic
The monastery Noul Neamt
City limits at Bender 
The ship station on the Dnjestr
Tank remembering the war in 1992
Entrance to fort bender - this was off the limits for 500 years since it was military zone - the entrance still looks like the entrance to a factory rather than to a tourist sight
No dogs allowed - anyhow not necessary since the local dogs running around will steal the show 
The appealing road to the fort bender 
Mr Muenchhausen actually has been riding the canon ball into the bender fortress - see below - a Russian one in and a Turkish one out - again something new I learned about this remote part of the world 
Back to Tiraspol - the city limits 
Praising the big history of Tiraspol 

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