Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Searching for Saturday night fever in chisinau

Well after the full day of sightseeing I took a short break before I wanted to figure out the evening possibilities on Saturday night in Chisinau.
I started in the beer house finishing my blog with a really good unfiltered weissbier the German style and after I finished the blog surprisingly a second glass was empty too. My next planned stop was the bar Jupiter in the Hotel Cosmos - see pictures of the bar on the next entry - I really like the combination of names - could it be that Jupiter leads the cosmos instead of Zeus - well this is getting to philosophical I guess - anyhow I heard great stories about bad karaoke shows and a big bullish Russian owner, but the bar was sadly closed and empty as I figured out the next day - probably mismanagement with too many shots on the house I guess.
Sad about this loss I made my way to the next bar - the army bar - better known as tank-bar - it is very simple it is a garden where all the unused artillery and other ammunition can be found and it creates a quit irrational feeling drinking there - however closed as well - does not look to good for this night - since the clock was already approaching 11 pm.
Well the last stop I planned in was a place called déjà vu - an underground dance floor with crazy stories about the barkeepers there. 
I entered the place and it was nearly empty - no good start/end of this evening. However I had my beer there and the barkeeper started playing throwing the shaker and bottles around, rolling them over his arms - so it was a pretty good show drinking the beer aside.
Around 12 pm suddenly people started to pour in - probably a mouse hole somewhere I must have missed - and now the party started people dancing to too loud music and the evening was saved.
The best however was the way of making vodka Lemmon. As we all know from James Bond it is essential how to serve the vodka - stirred or shacked - here the shacked style is preferred - but in a way you would never expect. It goes like this.
A girl bought a shot from the bar man and then this happened beside me seat.
The two persons beside me had to move and a cushion was placed on the bar - then the girl was helped up to the bar and had to knee down on the bar. The bar man then stood on the bar and filled the girl vodka from two bottles into the open mouth - she was not allowed to swallow this right away - then the bar man took a Lemmon in his mouth and came closer to the girls mouth with the Lemmon - just before the lips met he squeezed the Lemmon into her mouth. So now we have vodka Lemmon - let's shake. And that is what he did - he closed her mouth and took her on her head and shacked it wild around - then she was allowed to swollow - vodka Lemmon shacked but not stirred the Moldavian way.
This was a good end of the search of Saturday night fever in Chisinau

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