Samstag, 12. April 2014

From Saharna to Tipova - a Trip back in time

After leaving Saharna I choose the surfaced road to drive back passing Rezina and on the other aide the much bigger city of Ribnitsa - already on the Transnistrian side of the river - the weather was not too good so the depressing view was even enhanced - the boarder checkpoints are on either side of the bridge

After this impression I continued towards Tipova passing the heroic memorial of chinseuti with the inviting bus stop on the main road

The road to one of the major tourist attraction in Moldova - according to the flyer of the ministry of tourismn "one of the biggest monestary complexes in Eastern Europe"
The lonesome indicator to the monestary in the middle of nowhere
Sponsored by the UNDP 
Pedestrian crossing in the middle of nowhere to the pink bus stop
Finally Tipova reached - I was impressed by the many different well housings I found there

The main square of Tipova with two well houses

The village main square again
Finally the monestary reached - no parking place no sign nothing 
The monestary was used as tabaco factory and heavily demaged - now I had only to find the way down to the cave monestary
View from the top of the valley over the Dnjestr to Transnistiran side 

Finally the path found leading to the caves with the high standard security fencing

And finally the remains of the cave monestary dating from the 10th century 

Sliding into the church 

This part of he monestestary has been rebuilt and still contains a church
Down at the shores of the Dnjestr
The I continued further on to Lalova where I arranged a room in a cosy aggro pension with great food and a remarkable selection of wine, grappa, and fruit wodcas I had to taste after the dinner with the owner in the cellar - resulting in a proper headache in the next morning - sic

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