Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Back to Austria - the last entry to this blog and final documents

I am safely back and it was good fun travelling in Moldova and Transnistira
Some final documents of this trip

The souvenir of Transnistria rubels not acceptable and exchangeable anywhere else. I really like the fact that on the 5 rubel bill of Transnistira a picture of the brandy factory Kvint in Tiraspol can be seen - most probably the only bill in the world were a brandy factory can be seen on a backside of a bill.
Above you can see the description how to find the appartment including the illustration of the elevator and the issue pressing the button 9 for the eights floor.
Colour printed business card of the vice- rector of the technical university in Chisinau - hand-cut 
And finally 
Believe it or not in Tiraspol every Trolleybus has free wifi - I could easily connect with my phone to the hotspot "Trolleybus 253" - something to be developed in the western countries as well - take care

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