Samstag, 12. April 2014

First day in Chisinau

It was feeling pretty good not having toworry about the car this morning - I was about to stroll around Chisinau on my own today
And document the most appealing sights here - 50 years of Moldovian tourismn ??? Infront of the great Soviet hotel national - it was one of the best in town - it was...

Not any longer although you can still see the marble on the concrete columns of the entrance hall
- I didn't go up in the building - never know who is there
Hotel Chisinau on the other side looks more appealing
Two street dogs wet after the rain infront of a supermarket

Eat to got - drink to go - no comment to go
Free wifi painted on the street and it really works
People at a local lottery draw 
Restaurant Tibilisi in an old factory
Posh meets substandard 
Collective painting in the city centre
Reading is only allowed in Moldova having animals aside you - the give you the Inspiration
The friendly looking townhall

The Monument of Stefan cel Mare

The arc de Triumph and the Main cathedral

The government palace

At the bus stop: the weather cannot be too cold for high heels and short skirts
Footwear in Chisinau
The main city parc
The bar status - with a questionable status

The House of Parliament 

And the presidential palace that was destroyed partly by the revolution in 2009 and never opened up to the public

The five star hotel that still will need some more time to get the five stars awarded...

The rock n eat bar the should be open 24/24 but was closed at noon - probably everybody was sleeping - will try in the evening
The friendly locking chamber of commerce 
Geometric soviet patterns
Then I had a really curios experience I passerby the technical university of Moldova and was inspire by the great showcases outside

Brand new equipment in use ....
And the list how to inscribe to the university
So I thought I should have a look inside of the building and I did 
I entered the building when two old ladies started to shout at me - in Romanian - I answered politely in English - we both did not understand anything- it was a big mess - and I could suppose that I should not be here - but I stayed - then the vice rector of the university was coming down talking French to me - not much better - he went up with me to a class - and called the other vice rector out of a class room - she could speak English and she organised a student that translate for me an the vice rector in his office where 6 other bachelor students were doing an exam - really a weird situation. So we had a good time discussing about the offerings of the university and the students and Vlad, the student offerd me to show me some secret places of the city after he finished his lecture -  great stuff.
So I learned about the people that are for a unification with Romania - he is against that 

Learned to know the sight where the parachute trainings took place ( the tower in the picture)

And was guided so the parks of Chisnau

And the secret local sport facilities 
The inspiring Luna park 
And the children's house of the ministry of culture
All in all a great day with many new inspirations about this place - time for an evening beer

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