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A stroll on my own around Tiraspol

'Today I decided to walk on my own around Tiraspol and just enjoy the city in slow motion. I started with the German art student to visit a school in the eastern part of Tiraspol. This was a vey interesting experience also talking to the English teacher - until the director kicked us out and said that without a permit we are not allowed to be here and take pictures - due to the experice of the day before we decided to leave the place not to cause any further troubles.
I then took the bus back to the city centre and went on my slow motion tour capturing some more curious highlights of Tiraspol. In the evening Sascha invited us to his little house to have Schaschlik in the garden - the weather was great and it was a perfect finish from my trip in Transnisitra
Is morning I am planing to leave Transnisitria and change back to Chisinau - with the normal bus - this will be a challenge 
Tiraspol has also a garden district - following some impressions
Street gardening
A well just in the neighbourhood of the city
Currently it is very fashionable to decorate the windows in a natural stile - called wood realism
Tiraspol is the centre of the tire swan production
Typical blocks in Tiraspol 
The cosy aile inside the school

A classroom iside - Englisch lesson
The school from the outside view
The brand new cathedral built in 2011 in Triaspol 
Everything grows in socialism
Advertising for a shop for bride dresses 
The inviting shores of the Nistru in Tiraspol
The most appealing sandy city beach of Tiraspol 
Kiosk and church
On the city beach of Tiraspol 
The one and only wedding pavilion on the shores of the Nistru offers the best possibilities for national and international marriages
Lock your life forever in Triaspol
And take a wedding swing on the famouse Tiraspol swan wedding swing
Afterwards you can relax in the beach resort of Tiraspol 
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The Transnistrian Hockey A- team
If you are not able to play hockey do at least some body building - call 0  533 86 909
In order to make tourist feel at home the one-cat-per-bench strategy was announced by the city in 2013 - this means free food for the cats and free pets for the cats from the tourist 
Spring in Tiraspol
In the independence museum - woman blocking the railwaily when the new Transnisitren president was arrested in Ukraine
strike !
The octopus of Romania is eating up Transnistria
"They could destroy Bender but non conquer it"
Soldiers at the battlefield
The Transnisitren medal of honor for the fighters in the transnistien war
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A collection of Transnistrian outstanding export articles
Flower sellers on the street
At the bus stop
New propaganda meets old propaganda
The high safety standars of Transnistira all known all over the region
The back doors of the apartment blocks allow easy escape in case of fire or police visits
The friendly looking apartment blocks on the outskirts of Tiraspol
The outstanding engineering of Tiraspol gas pipes is well known
Sometimes the electrification standards are not on the western level
One baby of the wild dogs living around the block
Children's drawing on the garages
Chat between the blocks of the elderly woman block gang
The Transnisitren mail service is know for its transparency - no need to lock your post box
The different look of flat doors is important 
All said in one picture

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