Freitag, 11. April 2014

The Cave monasteries along the Dnjestr

After a cosy night in the expandable sofa of my hostess I started the engine of my car to head further north along the Djnestr. The first stop was in Saharna - a cave monestary dating form 1495. I drove northwards but wanted to try a shortcut leaving the main road going on gravel trails - suddenly the road became very steep and I just slided with all breaks on with my little car down the hill - luckily I figured out that I had not to go up this hill again - impossible in this muddy conditions - so I finally reached Saharna. The complex is in principle split into four main and one not existing attractions
First - The point where there is a footprint of Maria in the stone where she pointed the place the monestary should be erected - second the new monestary itself - third the basis with cold spring water where you have to submerge to get your wishes fulfilled and the the remains of the cave monestary.
The non-attraction is leading to the to of the valley where the is actually nothing to see but a small monument and cows.
Not to forget - Saharna is also the place of the highest waterfall in Moldova measuring 18 m of height and called Moldova niagara
The cosy sofa ...
Orheiul city - with lupu - seems to be one of the important guys here around

It shop squized in between two flower shops - seems to be a good business to be in
Australia seems to be a dream for every married couple
On the way to one of the most important monestary of Moldova 

The monestary Saharna 
View where the footprint of Maria can be found

The wish fulfilling spring
The cave monestary 

The non-attraction

The second highest waterfall including the ladder to the highest one
The highest waterfall - moldvski niragarski 

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