Montag, 7. April 2014

Around Tiraspol and at the customs office

The plan today was to drive into the county side to see the face of Transnistria outside of the Tiraspol city life.
We started after a breakfast towards the Ukrainian boarder and went into the direction of the small village of Ciuburciu.
There we visited the so called niagara of Transnistria in principle a rapid in a split in the Dnjestr that was built to keep up the level in one arm of the river - to protect the country against the Romanian invasion. Nowadays it attracts many fisherman trying to do the best catch there.
Then we continued to Andrejs uncle and the small land house with one pig two small goats and a wine cellar. The cosy life in the country side of Tiraspol. As pensioner you have to live from about 100 USD per month which makes life not really a luxury.
On the was back we had to stop at the custom committee to pick up some cameras and laptops from a German Spiegel news reporter team, that was taken away when they tried to leave the country, due the missing permission to do journalist work here. This permission has to be applied for at least 14 days in advance  before entering the country and they did this only four days before - I was not allowed to join into the procedure but it ended in an interrogation of Andrey as I understood, which was not to pleasant at all. If you scratch on the surface then things can get rough here quite easily. Since there is no embassy here Andrey will bring the stuff by his car to the embassy in Moldowa. An interesting experience and a bit frighting too ....
Come in if you like to look like this
Dollar service by air
The palace of cultures
Peace - frieden
It seems that couches are typical bought by men 
Sheriff supermarket and petrol station close by
At the entrance to the village 
Work can be so much inspiring
The great history since 1573
The local house of cultures
This park war awarded 1982 the most beautiful park in Soviet Union and is protected by the state - however water is filled into the ponds only during 2 times a year
The outstanding local sport facilities and in use by Andrey
The VIP lounge of the local football club - according to Andrey the stadium has a better quality then the city stadium in Triaspol 
The Transnistrian way of insulating windows 
Niagara Falls of Transnistria 
The house of Andreys uncle 
Toilette window the Russian style 
Making all animals happy 

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