Samstag, 12. April 2014

Return to Chisinau, some more monasteries and a broken car

Today I made the attemp to return to chisinau by car from Lalova - on the way back I wanted to visit some more monestaries on the way - so I started after a strong Moldavian breakfast in the morning towards the Capriana monestary - the most visited monestary by the Moldovan people.
However the start was not to good - I was just about to leave Lalova when I needed a photo stop to take pictures of a man with a horse carriage just returning from a magazine and the lonesome horse on the football court.

Traditional transport meets modern transport (my car)
And the great football field of Lalova 
When I jumped back into the car to turn the key and it was all black - no light nothing and no tools aboard. I tried everything but nothing helped - great in the middle of nowhere no one speaking an understandbale language and a broken car - out of a sudden my host from yesterday came with his car along the road and stopped - got his gear out and fixed the lose battery contacts - no wonder with these roads for me - lucky stroke
So I could continue my trip - so happy 
Passing a goat herd in the middle of nowhere
And finally arrived at the monestary Capriana with only a cow grasing at the parking lot 
The monestary way founded in 1420 and is an impressive ensemble of two churches and a religious house as well as an oak three that the national hero Stefan cel Mare should have planted 

The iconostasis of the main church
The religious house and the famouse oak three 

And the marvellous football field of Capriana 
The importance of the monestary can bee seen the the road to Capriana leads directly to the monestary and the main road outside the village on the other side has stop signs 
Fresh Spring green in the woods ion the way to Hincu monestary
One the first impression I thought this was the main monestary but this is actually the new massive cathedral built beside the old church - massive killing a bit the ensemble 
The new cathedral from inside - I call it the new Moldavian concrete new gothic style

The old church was much cosier

In order to finance the new cathedral they even sell holy water in bottles
The last cathedral on the way back to chisinau was the monestary Condrita
I really like the white painted coal stoves in this bare environment - sadly the main frescos have been damage during the communist time in this cathedral - in the old cathedral they have been just newly restored

The old and the new church in Condrita 
Now the last attempt for this day was to return the car to the car rental and find the appartment.
I was received by chisinau by the so called gate of chisinau built by the Russians now rotten appartment blocks that should imitate a gate way to the city - see yourself if your are inspired
The return of the car was easy - i even got a reduction because of the battery problems so the rental fee was now 50 euro for three days which is not to bad - and I event got a lift with the car to my appartment. I got the key when I stayed at Ivancea at the place so now I only had to find the appartment - it should be beside a place called beer house - so easy to remember - and it was. The magnetic token works and the door opened - the flat is on the 8 th floor but I should press the button 9 in the elevator - it became clear when I was in the elevator and the ground level was labeled one - so after some moments I stoped at level 9 - actually 8 and found the appartment - and even the key worked - great - good vale for 15 euro per night - time for a beer and goodnight

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