Samstag, 5. April 2014

Across the boarder

Landed safely in Chisinau and Andrej was already waiting for me at the airport. Really cool to jump into a car with an Transnistrian number plate which is only allowed to move within Transnistria and Moldova.
We drove alongside nice allays towards the Transnistrian boarder - Andrej told me that I should not make any pictures of the "Russian peace keeping troops" - so we passed the tanks and then we were controlled at the boarder first by one office - he typed something into the computer and I got my passport back - then we had to fill in an immigration form queuing up for half an hour and then I was in.
But that was not all - we had to get the permit to stay longer than 24 hours in the country and fill in another form at a cosy garden of the immigration office
The biggest company here is called "Sheriff" -  supermarkets, petrol stations the stadium everything is named like this.
Now I am at Andrejs home in the middle of Tiraspol with a nice view in a country that is to recognised as a country by any other country - no man's land in the middle of Europe!
Looking forward what I will see tomorrow
On the way to the boarder
Inviting cafe "Graf"
First impressions of Tiraspol 
Filling out the forms in the nice garden of the immigration office
Two passports one form
Official permit reached yeah
Not a police office but a supermarket
In front of Andejs house
Transnistria number plate - only valid in Transnistria
Find the cat
Playing in front of the house with wild dogs
Basketball court evening sunset has seen better times

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