Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Leaving Transnistira going north in Moldova

After experience with the Spiegel reporter and their equipment and the happening at the customs committee and some other stories, I do not want to mention here Andrey told me, I was pretty happy to be able leave Transnistira without problems and my camera equipment still in my hands. I decided to do it the local way meaning taking a mashroutka from Triaspol to Chisinau and my immigration card was accepted without problems and also no problems occurred when the bus driver returned with all the passports he had collected from the bus. After I passed also the two tanks from the Russian "peacekeeping" mission I was really happy. Now the next challenge was to find the place where I wanted to rent a Moldavian car - so I dropped out in the middle of nowhere in Chisinau having no clue where I am was tying to find my way to a street - luckily the guy who I asked was speaking proper German - Gastarbeiter in Deutschland - what else - so I found the container that was claiming to rent cars at the best prices in total Moldova.
When I came in and started talking English the response was little but the a guy came who at least spoke some words of this language - 24 Euros per day including 150 km - the country is not that big and additional 100 km cost another 5 € so it was a good offer for my little Hundaiy. The car had already some marks of the tough Moldavian road rules on the body - should I worry - no just go.
So I singed a form completely in Romanian and I go the key in hands. Good news - you can return dirty - he told me meaning that I do not need to clean the car upon return - looking at the car it became obvious why - it was completely dirty in and outside - a good carmoflagr I thought - this does not look like a rental car - the best protection against theft.
So I started towards the north and luckily had downloaded on my iPad the map of chisinau so I was able to find the ways outside the city with only two or three minor sighting tours - it would be a great help if the number of street signs would be doubled.
I made my way towards the mum of Marisha who will rent the apartment in Chisinau to me and lives in a place called Invancea close to Orheiul Vecchi.
I was welcomed with a strong soup in the little house with squat toilet and no running water - but who cares and then continued further to Orheiul Vechhi,  the cave monestary.
This is a impressive place where people have settelted for long times along the Raut and finally started to dig caves in the limestone and also the monestary that is still in use. It is a very inspiring place as you can see from the pictures. The evening I was spending on the terrace of Katharina with home made Mluga and home made red wine in the sun - life can be so sweet.
Well aside the road
Entrance to the cave monestary 
Stairs down to the monestary 

This is the stage where the nation wide known Orheiul summer literature festival takes place - the whole team of actors plays only for on person sitting on this chair - the flowing river is there to intensify the literature impression

Ploughing still by hand

The Moldavian people are known to be world champions in the home trainer championships - this can been easily seen looking at the speed meter on the equipment
An average Moldavian cyclist makes it easy up to 80 km/h!
Evening impressions from my home stay - no running water - no water toilet - no internet - but so damn beautiful

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