Sonntag, 6. April 2014

Saturday night fever in Triaspol

After our dinner in the home of Andrej we went to visit some good friends for saturday night in another block around the corner. The start was a usual at the magazine picking up some "presents", in the form of really excellent Chardonnay for 2 euro the bottle.
It was a pretty cool place were in a Tron designed kitchen a friend of Andrej in the orange T-shirt made really an excellent pizza - since he was working on a cruising ship. As you may see there was very little alkohol involved in this game - only chut-chut (remark: a little bit in Russian) - which was also because of the fact that in Tiraspol it is not allowed to buy alkohol after 10 pm at night, officially - but this problem can be solved by other ways - and so we went home after 3 am including a headache this morning. It was a pretty cool evening playing virtual golf facing competition and dancing in front of the TV wie Lea the small daughter of Andrej and having fun in with rockn roll in the kitchen. 
Just a great evening in Tiraspol!
Curiouse description on how to fix a water tap at the entrance door of the apartment block
My Saturday night family
The Tron kitchen
Only water - smile
Dance competition
Children vodka - vulgo lemonade 
Friendship made
Life can be so funny - speaking Russian, English, German, Moldavian and Esperanto 

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