Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Morning stroll around the town

I woke up early today since I had only have a day left and the weather was much better today and I still wanted to catch some curiosities in this town.
First I had to take some pictures of the great Jupiter bar 
The view from my kitchen window
The Jupiter - not any longer non-stop but fully stop
Still some old buildings remain between the new rising appartment blocks
This sign raised again a philosophical question - if the opening times are infinite - meaning they will never end - then why do you need to display an opening time at all - but this is most probably a too theoretical approach of this matter
Anyhow it was closed this morning
Cosmetics and beauty is a great topic in this country but this poster is really heavy - it is this kind of before - after comparison - but the result looks like ....... 
So if you planning your Hollywood career come to chisinau for a lift of your style
At the meat hall of the central market

Stefan cel Mare in the sunshine

The ending of the Palm Sunday ceremony in the central church

The art market in the Center 
High heels are a favourite in town
The name of the city is also the name of the best beer - easy to remember even after some beers....
Rules are strikt in Moldova if you want to eat 
No stabbing, no guns, no dogs, no smoking and beware if you enter the pub being unhappy - you will be kicked out immediately 
The last picture of my trip in Moldova - A Tupulew 134 airplane of air Moldowa at the airport - so happy I fly back with an Airbus

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